Smootheezz brings a taste of the tropics to Ottawa Street

Byron Griffith, Owner and Founder of Smootheezz Bar in Windsor Ontario

A sure-fire way to beat the heat this summer is to indulge in delicious blends of cool, fresh fruit and juices. Growing in popularity is a new member of the Ottawa Street neighbourhood, Smootheezz Bar. 

Behind the counter, is owner, Byron Griffith. He greets all customers with a hearty hello and a large smile. Every day he is happy to serve up some smooth creations. Patrons can choose from the menu board or customize their own. Regulars have their usual orders featured on the board. 

Griffith is accustomed to a busy life of hard work. He’s a father, grandfather and a football referee. He wasn’t quite satisfied with working for others and so he decided to try working for himself. “…I wanted to try my hand at building something of my own”. Ever since opening his shop at 1298 Ottawa Street in August of 2022, he can now add the role of entrepreneur to his list of accomplishments. 

The inspiration for Smootheezz is his daughter, while she was a student at the University of Windsor. When Griffith would visit her, he would often ask if there was something she’d like while they were out. “She mostly would say, sure a smoothie”. Often finding smoothie places were popular, “…there was always a lineup of young people.” It was then he thought it was time to “…try my hand at making a healthy choice for my neighborhood”. 

Operating Smootheezz on vibrant Ottawa Street allows Griffith to build lasting relationships with his customers. One of the most satisfying parts of owning a business is “when the young children come in and order a smoothie and give me a thumbs up”. The customer experience is very important to Griffith. From the customer favourites menu to the client appreciation board and engaging Instagram posts promoting those positive connections, you’ll realize that he’s very genuine in his approach to building a sense of community. 

That is something that the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre can get behind. Building up the community is what we’re about.  

When Griffith was ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship, he was sure to enlist the help of our team. Since the beginning, he has participated in our programs. Most notably Starter Company Plus and Digital Main Street. “The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre has supported me financially and provided structural support in pointing me in the right direction. I am very appreciative of the SBEC.” He added that “the team members were always giving me positive support”. 

At the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre, we are always keeping our eye on the future. The success of our clients matter.  

Knowing that his hard work will pay off, Griffiths imagines the possibilities with Smootheezz. “I would like to see Smootheezz grow into a franchise and provide a healthy choice around the world. Giving an opportunity for employment and support entrepreneurship. Maybe leave a legacy for my grandchildren. There is so much I need to learn. It keeps me young!”. 

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