Speak to our advisors or explore a variety of online resources that can help you develop your business’ marketing strategy and sales tactics.

Guide to E-Marketing

Get comfortable with the more technical elements of managing your company’s online presence by downloading our Guide to E-Marketing. You will learn about the following tools and technologies:

  • Websites, and by extension, content management systems
  • Social media platforms
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Marketing advisory services

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre provides one-on-one marketing assistance through its advisory services. Request a consultation to review and develop your business’ marketing strategies:

  • Marketing plans – support for creating, implementing and reviewing marketing and sales strategies
  • Website – review, updating, creation, best practices
  • Social Media – content creation, best practices
  • Advertising – guidance on traditional and digital advertising, including social media, SEO and email marketing
  • Software – technology tools to implement for your business such as loyalty programs, point of sale systems, e-commerce, customer relationship management, back-end business operations

360 degree photos

360 photographs are panoramic images that allow viewers to experience being in the photographer’s shoes by enabling them to look around in any direction. Viewers can drag the image in any direction by clicking on any point in the photo. 360-degree images are a valuable asset for businesses to promote brand awareness and engage customers.

Many Windsor-Essex businesses have taken advantage of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre’s 360 photo services to capture interior and exterior images of their commercial storefronts. Book your 360 photoshoot online for just $100. Our photographer will supply you with professional photos of your business that can be used on your Google Business Profile, social media or website. Don’t have a Google Business Profile? We’ll set yours up for no additional charge!

How to promote your business

Marketing your business is a key part of a successful business. With a clear marketing plan, you can identify your target market, grow your customer or client base and improve customer loyalty.

Business Development Canada offers small businesses with a variety of tools and resources to help with marketing. This includes:

  • Conducting market research
  • Defining target markets
  • Choosing distribution channels
  • Branding a business
  • Creating a marketing budget
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Implementing traditional and digital marketing strategies
  • Optimizing strategies and investments

Creating a marketing plan

The Government of Canada provides resources to help you create a marketing plan and conduct market research.