360 business photos

Schedule a 360 photoshoot with the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre. This service costs $100 +HST and can be purchased online by credit card. 360 photos are available to operating storefront businesses located in Windsor and Essex County. Our photographer will supply you with professional photos of your business that can be used on your Google Business Profile, social media or website. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes.

Tips for a successful 360 photoshoot

  • Declutter and clean – ensure your business interior and exterior is clean and free of unnecessary clutter.
  • Highlight features – identify unique aspects of your commercial space and products that you want showcased in the 360 photos.
  • Consider timing – schedule your 360 photos during the time of day with the best natural light. You will need to reduce foot traffic for the time of filming, so consider when you can close off the space entirely to customers.

Book a 360 photoshoot