Pandacea software helps businesses trace their way back to normal

Claudius Thomas, owner of Turaco Web, and founder of Pandacea software

Claudius Thomas, owner of Turaco Web, and founder of Pandacea software.

March 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the first COVID-19 lockdown. Employees were sent home, business started operating remotely and contact tracing became a necessary practice to slow the spread of the virus. Contact tracing involves identifying cases and their contacts then working with them to stop the transmission of COVID-19. A Windsor tech startup is using innovation to make the task of contract tracing customers less trying for businesses.

Pandacea, recently launched by Turaco Web, is a secure and sustainable platform for recording and tracking onsite incidents of COVID-19 as required to meet health and safety standards. By using Pandacea, staff and visitors scan a QR code before entering a commercial premise to provide their details and answer a government mandated health questionnaire.

Claudius Thomas, founder of Turaco Web, explains the need for this software in evolving workplaces. “Pandacea is unique because it extends beyond COVID-19 contact tracing by including incident tracking and document management. It provides a central location for (business) customers to organize and access data for effective analysis and reporting.” This software also offers the ability to track current and future pandemics based on anonymous contact tracing data.

The software is currently being used by businesses in construction, office administration, décor centres (show homes) and, in particular, transport and logistics, which has grown during the pandemic due to the demand from people buying goods from their homes. Thomas was sure to include added benefits to Pandacea for logistics personnel. “Pandacea is also created for transport and logistics companies by enabling truck drivers to record the mandatory ‘daily circle check’ together with the COVID-19 health questionnaire electronically.” These features are important to both domestic and international transportation providers, explained Thomas.

Pandacea’s comprehensive software allows businesses to do more than anonymous tracing, it becomes a tool to maintain operations surrounding all COVID-19 requirements. With the versatility of this software, Pandacea can assist several industries. Thomas anticipates growing Pandacea’s reach this year by breaking into industries such as long-term care facilities, restaurants, sports complexes and medical facilities. Thomas said a top priority for owners as they reopen will be to simplify and accurately follow the government’s safety framework.

Pandacea launched with support provided by the Digital Main Street program. Thomas said that his idea became a reality through interacting with various community partners. “I like the way the different organizations in Windsor work together to help businesses in the community [be successful], whether startups or growing businesses — organizations such as The Accelerator, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and WEtech Alliance, in particular.”

As a client advisor to WEtech Alliance and the chapter leader of Black Boys Code, an organization dedicated to introducing young boys of colour to computer science, Thomas has an in-depth understanding of the tech industry and software development. He advocates for retaining and developing tech talent in the area by working to increase opportunities for new graduates to stay in Windor-Essex after their post-secondary education. Thomas feels that Pandacea is a strong example of what the tech industry could look like in Windsor-Essex with innovative projects creating opportunities for new graduates.

Turaco Web is a client of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and received training, mentorship and funding through the Starter Company PLUS program for Turaco Web. You too, can receive support in launching or expanding your small business. Contact us for more information.