Announcing the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Network


The Small Business Enterprise Centre Network of Ontario is pleased to announce that they have received a government grant to enhance small business recovery efforts.

The significant contribution that small businesses make to our economy has never been highlighted more than it is now.  As the province grapples with a second wave of COVID-19 it is an important reminder that many of the small businesses in our communities still have a long way to go towards recovery.

The Small Business Enterprise Centre Network, comprising 47 offices across the province, heard the calls for help and sprung into action in the days, weeks and months following the initial shutdown.

“Many small businesses across the province were hit hard by COVID-19 and it is not business as usual for them,” said Minister Fedeli. “Small Business Enterprise Centres play an important role in communities across the province and this new initiative will offer valuable new financial planning and recovery resources for main street businesses.

Each community responded with online resource portals, facilitated webinars, expert mentors, and virtual consultation opportunities. Thousands of businesses were and continue to be served.

The move to a fully online delivery model knocked down geographic barriers and Centres across the province found themselves able to collaborate and share resources in ways they had never done before.  The way forward became clear:

On Oct. 7, 2020, Premier Ford announced the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Network Program for businesses affected by COVID-19.

The new funding will assist The Small Business Enterprise Centre Network to expand the capacity of virtual business advisory services and improve access to funding, crucial information, and resources to equip businesses to respond to Covid-19 and grow.  A central online portal with regional connections will be created, supported by awareness and marketing campaigns to improve overall access. Training and mentorship programs will be expanded and offered in both official languages.

“Supporting small businesses and keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive for future aspiring entrepreneurs is critical to our economic well being,” said Teresa Shaver, Business Advisory Centre of Durham Inc. (who played a critical role in bringing the collaboration together). “We are fortunate to be part of a large provincial business support ecosystem. It is exciting to see the Premier recognize and invest in the future of our small businesses and the networks that support them.”

For more information about the Small Business Centre Network, visit: