Local Workforce

There are a variety of helpful online resources that paint a picture of both the current Windsor-Essex regional workforce and broader workforces within Ontario and Canada.

Workforce WindsorEssex

Workforce WindsorEssex provides excellent local resources for employers and small business owners looking for more information on labour market tools, data, research reports, guides and quick links.

Labour market tools

Workforce WindsorEssex’s labour market tools include:

  • 14 categories of census data
  • Labour market data requests
  • Monthly job demand reports
  • Monthly labour force survey reports
  • Quarterly surveys and bulletins
  • Sector dashboards

Labour market research reports and guides

Its useful market research reports and guides include:

  • Attracting and retaining talent in Windsor-Essex
  • Community Labour Market Plan
  • Experiential Learning Guide for Employers
  • Guide to diversifying your workforce
  • Participation rates
  • Positioning Women for Success project
  • Sector blog series outlining the supply and demand of labour in our region’s top sectors
  • Small Business Recruitment and Retention Guide
  • Skilled Trades Career Guide

Mapping tools

Workforce WindsorEssex’s innovative mapping tools can also help you determine a snapshot of the local workforce through geographic information (GIS) systems, including sectors, talent (in the region and abroad), census data and jobs.

Labour indicators

You can search key labour indicators in the country with Statistics Canada and filter by keyword, province and subject, such as commuting, earnings, wages, employment and unemployment, hours of work and work arrangements, job vacancies, training programs, unionization and industrial relations, layoffs, health and work absences, and more.