Local Ironman embarks on entrepreneurial journey

Windsor Ironman triathlete Darcy Haggith is transforming a passion for health into a business for athletic healthy living

Windsor Ironman triathlete Darcy Haggith is transforming a passion for health into a business for athletic healthy living.

Gruppo Nutrition
, helmed by Haggith as CEO, is located at 1540 McDougall Rd. Their mission is to offer quality protein powders to endurance athletes. A subject near to Haggith’s heart as a former student of biology and microbiology.

Originally an employee of Pfizer in London Ontario, Haggith worked in animal health for 8 years eventually becoming a supervisor of operations where he oversaw the manufacture of powders, liquids, injectables, and ointments until the facility closed in 1999.

It was the closure that brought Haggith to Windsor to work as the director of production and product manager for Accucaps Industries a local pharmaceutical manufacturer, but in 2013 he struck out on his own.

Having been involved in Iron-Man competitions as a triathlete since 2002, his interest in nutrition expanded. Haggith needed to consume as many calories as possible while training. He found that in Infinit, a U.S.-based protein powder.

However, not long after using the product, it became difficult to obtain in Canada. For a time Haggith was able to secure a license to bring Infinit into Canada. Eventually he formulated his own blend of crystallized calories and so was born Gruppo Nutrition. 

Between 2017 and 2021 Haggith has seen Gruppo grow like the muscles on a body builder, particularly from coffee-based products, which Haggith called a “game changer” for them. 

Gruppo’s line is made locally in Windsor and also a plant in Brantford, Ont. to meet the high demand.

Their product line is available throughout Canada on their website as well as at various gyms, bike stores and CrossFit centres. Haggith notes that Movati Athletic is one of their biggest customers.

When asked about the keys to success when running your own small business, Haggith says you “have to take your time,” and “be aware of your surroundings and be able to act on… instincts.”

“The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and the ecosystem has been invaluable to us as we have grown into the company we are today. Having this support gives businesses like ours the confidence that we can emerge as a growing, profitable company that drives economic growth and now employs eight people,” added Haggith. 

Gruppo, like its name suggests, is looking forward to growing its group of like-minded people, interested in being part of that group of individuals always striving for greatness.

Gruppo Nutrition, Inc. is a client of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and has received advisory and mentorship through the centre’s complimentary resources. You, too, can receive support in launching or expanding your small business. Contact us for more information.